Why Does Westie Sleep Next To The Door?

Why Does Westie Sleep Next To The Door?

This is the question that has plagued the Westie community and has even been asked by guest speakers at dog competitions. It seems simple enough to answer, but no one knows for certain. For example, some feel that it's because of the draft and the cooler temperature of the floor. Still, why wouldn't they all sleep next to the door? This doesn't explain why only Westies do this.

Others feel it's because it's simply more convenient for them to have access to either their living room or their bedroom with this habit. Still, others think that it has something to do with a pack mentality as if they're defending a territory from unwanted guests.

Here are a few theories of why your dog probably sleeps next to the door:

1. He Is Still In His Guard Mode:

It is very likely that generations of this dog were used as guard dogs or to watch the home. The Westie has a strong instinct to keep perimeters safe and secure, which could explain why he will sleep in front of a door.

If a Westie is left at home by himself and doesn't have anything else to do, his instincts tell him that he needs to keep an eye on the perimeter. After all, he does have some sort of duty (whether it be a defender or lookout).

2. He Feels Comfortable:

One theory states that if your dog spends most of his day by himself then the door might be where he feels safe because most dogs are scared of what is outside the house. So, if the door is where he feels more comfortable, then that might explain why he sleeps near the door.

3. Fear Of Abandonment:

Some dogs can just feel anxious if they are left home alone. Then the door might be where the dog feels most comfortable (lots of exits there) and that might help the dog not be so anxious.

4. Fence:

It is also possible that a dog might feel more secure sleeping near the door because of the size of the space they can see when they sleep. It makes sense that a little Westie wouldn't want to feel as though he was in a tiny box, so he might prefer to be near a door where he has more room to look out and see what is going on.

5. Personal Space:

Some dogs just like to be close to humans they know. Some Westies may feel uncomfortable if they don't have that little bit of space around them, so sleeping near the door might help with that feeling.

6. Anxious Feeling:

It is also possible that a dog might be feeling anxious and does not want to express that anxiety. If he sleeps near the door he can easily run out if he feels the need to, or just run away from whatever is making him uncomfortable.

7. Ownership Of The Home:

Dogs will mark their living space, and it is possible that sleeping near the door might help do that. The dog might just be saying, this is my place to sleep.

It might also be possible that a dog feels the door is just safer, and that there will be more helpful if he needs it by the door.

8. Attention:

It is also possible that your dog wants to be close to you and might want as much attention as possible. If you know your dog to be a high-maintenance dog then this would make sense because dogs might feel uncomfortable if they don't have enough attention from their owners.


Whatever your reason for your dog sleeping near the door, know that it isn't a bad thing! Your dog will never intentionally sleep next to an exit or do any harm, but it does make sense why many dogs like to curl up in front of one when they get bored.

If you have a high-maintenance dog, then you might want to figure out if there are other reasons why your dog might sleep near the door.

If your dog does not like to be alone, then consider getting another dog! Some dogs get lonely when they feel no one is around and it might help with that anxiety if there was another companion in the house.

Most importantly, don't be too upset that your dog sleeps next to an exit because it isn't a problem at all! You love him and want him to be safe, so just consider why he might feel safer by the door and try to help him.

Frequently Asked Questions

If the dog sleeps near the door, does this mean that he wants to leave the house?
Of course not! It's natural for dogs to sleep at the door. Maybe the dog guards the house in a dream, or maybe the dog just feels comfortable there.

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