Are Westies Good With Kids?

Are Westies Good With Kids?

If you have a Westie, this is a must-know if you want to make the most of your dog’s natural tendencies. If you’ve spent as much time as we have thought about it, you know that therapy dogs and service dogs can become attached to their handlers, especially when that handler is a member of the opposite sex. And when it comes to Westies – they’re no exception. They’re just as attached to their humans as any other dog and will follow their master around like a puppy dog until they can be on their own again. The following are reasons why are westies good with kids:

Westies are good with kids. Westies love to play and have nothing better to do than help you chase after the kids and the ball.

Westies Are Highly Intelligent.

The most impressive thing about a Westie is the intelligence they possess. Westies are thought to be the most intelligent of all dogs, and they’re right. Westies are thinkers – they’re logical, analytical, and operated by a desire to understand what’s going on around them. There’s something quite fascinating about the way that Westies think. They’re not only logical and analytical but also motivated by logic. If there is anything that drives a dog crazy, it’s getting in the way of his goals.

Westies Are Social Dogs.

One thing that sets Westies apart from other breeds is that they’re social animals – they’re happy when they’re with other dogs and people, not just with other Westies. This means that you will have a much better time with a Westie as a dog owner if you’re willing to take the time for socialization sessions with your pet. Socialization is the process of teaching a dog new skills to be a more predictable and reliable presence in your home. You won’t be surprised by how much your Westie loves to play with other dogs, and you won’t be surprised by how much they love to play with you.

They’Re Obedient.

I could write a book about obedience, so I’ll keep this short. The most important thing is that you can see that your Westie is learning and doing what he’s supposed to do. If he’s not following directions or doing what he’s supposed to, you need to speak to him gently and calmly and encourage him to do what he wants. If he’s misbehaving and you’re not sure what he’s doing wrong, start by body language guiding him through the steps so that he knows what you expect of him. Once he knows, you can begin to look for the misbehavior cues and correct him before he does anything wrong.

They Make Great Family Dogs.

While most breeds are good with kids, it’s important to remember that Westies are different. You’re likely going to have a much better time with a Westie as a dog owner if you keep this in mind. If you want to bring your Westie to a dog park or take him to the dog park near you, go for it. But if you want to bring him home, we strongly recommend the Westie dog crate solution. Not only is it better for the dog, but it’s also much less stressful than a dog park where you’re always worried about your dog running off with the other dogs.

Puppy Love And Exercise

Exercise for a puppy shouldn’t be more important than exercise for an adult dog, but it’s important to remember that puppies don’t get the amount of activity that dogs do as they grow up. There’s a reason why people who own Westies keep their puppies indoors – the exercise requirements for a puppy are very high. And for a dog who’s been living in a crate for the past six months, getting out and playing will be extremely difficult. If you have a Westie, it is recommended that you start taking him to the dog park when he’s around six months old. This is an excellent opportunity for you to spend some quality time with your pet and for him to get some exercise while you relax.

Westies Are Easy To Train.

There are many reasons Westies are easy to train, but one of them is that they’re so eager to please. If you raise your Westie the right way, he’ll follow your orders without a problem. He’ll do what he’s told without question, even when he doesn’t understand why he has to do what he’s been told. This is an excellent quality to have in a pet, and we think it sets Westies apart from other breeds. You should consider using a positive reinforcement training method if you want to get it right the first time with your pet. Positive reinforcement training is designed to encourage good behavior by rewarding the act of desired behavior and reducing the intensity of the negative reinforcement (i.e., the correction). You can read more about this method on our website.

You Can Bring Them Anywhere With You.

Even though Westies are house-pet-friendly, they’re pretty adept at living outside. They’re curious and restless by nature, so they love exploring. Westies are natural-born explorers and will enjoy nothing more than joining you on a walk or run. Suppose you keep your Westie in a crate while at work or school, you’re missing out on a lot. If you keep them in a proper kennel, they will feel very contained and lonely. A crate should be used for periods of confinement and transportation, not for daily walks. And even in a proper kennel, a Westie will still feel lonely and sensitive to the outside world.

Westies Are Very Smart.

Westies are pretty stupid. With all their attention, you’d think a Westie would be intelligent as a tree stump. But the researchers who studied them found the exact opposite to be the case. They were given a cognitive assessment and came out with an IQ lower than a housecat’s. At the same time, their spatial ability was the highest of all the breeds studied, and they can solve complex problems without being instructed on how to do so. Westies are known for their intelligence, but it gets a little less attention than the other qualities mentioned above. Nonetheless, Westies are very smart.

Westie Dogs Are Low-Maintenance Pets.

You’re probably wondering what all the hype is about. Well, there’s a reason why people keep Westies as pets and not as racehorses – they’re low-maintenance. Westies are the perfect companion for someone who doesn’t need much exercise. They’re happiest when they’re getting the least amount of attention, so they’re the ideal pet for someone who doesn’t have a lot of free time for themselves.

Conclusion: are Westies good with kids?

The best dog to have in your life is your own. Many breeds of dogs are great with kids, but the Westie is at the top of the list. Not only is he fantastic with kids, but he is also extremely loyal, healthy, and brave.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I have a large family, should I get a Westies dog?
Westies are excellent family dogs. Although most breeds get along well with children, it is important to remember that Vesti is different. If you keep this in mind, you will likely have a much better time with Vesti as a dog owner.

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