Why Is My Westie Dog Barking At Nothing?

If you have a westie dog and it is barking at nothing, check out this post to find out what could be the cause!
Why Is My Westie Dog Barking At Nothing?

The usual reasons for a Westie dog barking at nothing include: smelling something that you cannot see, such as inaccessible food leftovers, or simply cooking smell coming from elsewhere; being anxious or anxious about something; being bored; wanting attention and validation; or waiting for something to happen that isn't happening.

But there are some other possible causes, so we'll go over them here.

1. Being Anxious

Anxiety about being left alone, about the knock at the door, about being in public, about someone getting home late, or maybe even getting lost. Often a westie will bark at nothing because they are anxious.

Some westies bark and howl when they get anxious. Some develop anxious habits such as licking their lips and jumping up and down in circles. If your westie is barking at nothing while you are gone and that dog is showing one of these nervous behaviors, he or she could be anxious.

If your westie is barking at nothing out of anxiety, you must make sure to take some time each day with the dog. Make sure that he or she has regular walks and play times. Westies love to exercise and they will enjoy it even more if they feel secure in their routines.

They must know that there are regular times in the day when they can count on us and their routines.

2. Being Lonesome

Westies can become lonely and bored, especially if they are in a new environment or if there has been a recent change in their homes like the arrival of a new child or pet. When dogs are lonely, they often bark at nothing to try to get your attention. They may even bark out of anxiety because they want your undivided attention.

Just as with anxiety, you must let your westie know that he or she is not alone. You must also make some more changes in the household so that the dog doesn't get bored. Maybe bring up a new activity such as a game of fetch or do some training with you. Maybe replace a favorite Westie toy with something new that he or she can play with while waiting for you to come home. If it's possible to make some changes, do so.

3. Nervous About Changes

Westies are creatures of habit and they like things to stay the same. When something changes like a new baby, new pet, or new schedule, westies are often stressed and they will bark out of habit. Usually, it's not because they want something to change, it's just that they want things to stay the same. If a dog is used to getting a walk at 7 and now he gets one at 8, he is going to show his stress by barking and howling at nothing.

When your dog is barking excessively because he or she is nervous about a change in the household, try your best to make sure that things stay as much the same as possible. That means making sure that your dog gets enough exercise, running around, and playing some games with you.

4. Wanting Attention and Validation

Westies are very social and loyal dogs. They love to be with their humans and they love to play games and get attention. If a dog is barking for attention, you have to make sure that he or she gets as much as possible. They are not as likely to bark if you are holding them and hugging them. You can also try giving your dog a kiss or a treat for being quiet and giving attention.

5. They Sense Something You Don’t

Westies are very sensitive to any kind of unusual change in the environment. They are not just barking out of curiosity, they are sensing a change in their environment and they want to be sure that you know it. This habit can be disturbing at times because it can look like there is some unseen thing in the room, something that you are not aware of.

It could also be a large change such as someone moving into your home or entering your yard. If a dog is barking at nothing, it could be because there is something in your yard or home that is new. Check around the house and yard for anything new and make sure that the dog can get used to it before you try to ignore his or her barking. Maybe train the dog to bark on command so that you can ask him to check out a corner or under the bed.


Westies can be great companions, but they are very sensitive. They have some nervous habits and they need to get a lot of attention. If you are trying to ignore your westie when he or she is barking at nothing, take some time to figure out why the dog is barking. Ensure that your dog gets plenty of exercise and play, they need it to be happy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I be concerned if my dog barks a lot?
No, don't worry. There are many reasons for your pet to bark. Just watch it for a while. If you can't find an obvious reason, your dog may just be trying to talk to you.

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