10 Reasons Why Westies Are Good with kids

10 Reasons Why Westies Are Good with kids

Westie breeders have often been asked the question: Will my Westie be okay with children?.

The answer to that question is a resounding yes. For starters, Westies are intelligent, energetic, and affectionate dogs who love being around kids. They are also extremely capable of learning new behaviors quickly.

They're sometimes easier to train than many other breeds because they don't require constant physical discipline and because their intelligence allows them to learn through repetition and interaction in a way that some breeds might not be able to master for decades. And finally, like all dogs of any age or size, your Westie will respect your authority as the person responsible for his well-being.

It is quite common for a puppy to be afraid of the noise, movement, and chaos of other people and dogs. Sometimes Westies are so shy that they won't even approach young children. But when you think about it, isn't it a good idea to have a dog who can be confident enough to work with kids to prevent misbehavior?

There are several things you should consider before getting a Westie if you have children in your life. It's important that your new puppy has been socialized well so that he knows how to behave around other animals and people; this means that he must meet at least some children, but also other dogs (and perhaps even cats), while still being very young.

Reasons Why Westies Are Good For Your Kids

1. Easy Bonding:

Though some other dog breeds can be relatively easy to bond with kids, Westies are particularly known as almost always developing a strong bond with children. This is because they have such a zest for life and a love of mischief that they love to play with children and will follow them around the house.

2. Easy Training:

As mentioned earlier, Westies are known for their ability to be easy to train. This is because they are extremely intelligent and this allows them to learn from what you show them and can then be taught in a very short time.

3. Strong Socialization Skills:

Westies are not always naturally good with other animals and people, but as mentioned above, your dog must be socialized well before moving into your house. This will allow your dog to understand how he should act when meeting new people and also enjoy being around others outside the home.

4. Easy To Play:

Though Westies can be difficult to potty train, they are very easy to play with. Westies love playing with toys and rolling around on the floor in play.

5. Good With Children:

Westies are usually great with children as they are generally passionate towards them, even as young as a toddler or two years old. Westies can be trained through repetition to even teach them commands such as sit and stay.

6. Good Cuddle Buddies:

Westies are great cuddle buddies as they are known for being close, affectionate dogs who love to sit with you during the day, and snuggle under your arm or on your lap.

7. Can Be Very Active:

Though Westies have a reputation for being lazy and lazy, this is not true. Westies are a very active dog breed that is often athletic. They will enjoy running around the backyard and fetching sticks with you or enjoying a brisk walk around the neighborhood!

8. Good With Other Dogs:

Though some other breeds will not be good with other animals including cats (or even small dogs), Westies have a reputation of particularly being good with other dogs. They also have a reputation for being exceptionally good with children.

9. Good With Kids:

Westies are known for being great to work with children because they are so active and playful, but also playful in their own right when it comes to being around other children or dogs.

10. Adorable:

Westies are some of the most adorable dogs in the world! This is why they tend to do well with children because they have a kind, gentle demeanor that makes them seem more like a puppy than an adult dog.

What You Should Know About Westies

Westies are a very active breed, which makes them great for working in sports, or for keeping physically fit. They tend to have a high level of energy and will be prone to some kind of exercise when they are not being put on a leash.

Though Westies may seem like they could be lazy creatures since they are known to sleep more than 18 hours per day, they have a reputation as one of the hardest breeds to housetrain. They can be extremely difficult since they are known to control their bladder by walking around with their leg on the wrong side when they have had accidents inside the house. Though this can be a particularly hard habit to break, it is certainly possible.

Westies are also known to be one of the most difficult dog breeds to train. They require frequent training and cannot deal with physical discipline in the mold of some other dog breeds. Since they are intelligent dogs, they learn easier through repetition and interaction than other dog breeds that might not be able to understand how a command works until after years of training.

In addition, Westies have a reputation for being destructive in the house since they are so active. This just requires you to make sure that you lock away anything that might cause harm if they tear it up while playing or chewing.


Though Westies make great pets for some people, several dog breeds might be a better choice for your family and lifestyle if you have children. This is why it is so important to find a reputable breeder who takes the time to educate you on this breed and learns your individual preferences.

When picking the right breed for you, you must consider your family's needs and learn what the dog will be like when interacting with other animals and children. However, if you are certain that you want a Westie, know that they are great dogs with funny personalities and booming voices.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I have two children, can I have westie?
This dog breed is great with children because they are so active and playful, especially with toddlers. Therefore, if you are ready for a whirlwind of energy at home, then feel free to choose such a puppy.

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