Are Two Westies Better Than One?

Westies make great pets as they fit into families well and they are incredibly sociable, They are adaptable and can live in environments that are the countryside or in the city. They have a lifespan of between 12-16 years so this also contributes to them being great pets. Westies are small in size, they are energetic and they require around two walks a day.
Are Two Westies Better Than One?

Are you wonderding, are two Westies better than one? Whether you live a busy lifestyle, you need a dog that can spend time on its own or you want a Westie as a pet within the family and that you have plenty of time to take on walks, they are very versatile. They can spend time among the family or by themselves for up to three or more hours. Westies are independent dogs yet when they are with other dogs their behaviour can be different. When Westies are with either males or females, their behaviour can vary. If they are around other breeds, this can also alter their behaviour

This article will focus on West Highland White Terrier Dogs, however, there are up to 17 breeds and the information is applicable to several types of Terriers.


Westies are full of energy, they are great among family and they are independent dogs. They are intelligent so during training they are able to pick up on what they are directed quickly. On their own, they can enjoy their own company yet due to their exploratory nature and when left in the garden they can be prone to digging. Male Westies and female Westies have different natures and both make excellent pets.

Male Westies

Male Westies are dominant, positive and patient pets. As they are active, intelligent and independent they are great to have around you, This is also positive because they can spend time on their own. They reach maturity at later dates than female Westies, therefore, training starts at a later date than it does with female Westies. Male Westies can get along with other types of animals but Westies doe not get along with some breeds of dogs.

Female Westies

Female Westies are extremely communicative dogs and they vocalise themselves. She will assert herself and with strong training you can turn this into the Westies greatest strength. Female Westies are stabile with their temperament which means that they can spend time on their own. They really like to have attention so spending time with their owner really matters to them. They have a strong sense of adventure so they will also need to be around people to enjoy being outdoors and being healthy. By reaching maturity earlier than males this means that their calming nature will be really great to be around. It is also a benefit during training as they will learn everything quite quickly.


Having a welcoming environment for your Westie is requisite. Initially, it is really important that you decide whether you are going to own two Westies as pets and what genders you are going to have. Before you choose your Westies, you need to know whether you are going to have one or more as this will depend upon how they get used to their environment and how the family develops. It is advisable that you get both Westies together so that they are both able to settle and know each other.


Two male Westies are able to get on well together. With their intelligence and independence they will both get to know each other well and their will be a strong family unit. Both Westies will require training yet with their patience they can both learn steadily and they will get along as they both develop. To let both male Westies show their dominance, give them space to grow in the way that is best for them and their relationship will develop.


Two female Westies should not be together. Early on there may be a relationship but later on when they reach the age of eight, the Westies will go separate ways. Consequently, the relationship won't be harmonious.


The combination of male Westie and female Westie is the best. When asking, are two Westies better than one, male Westies can be highly affectionate towards female Westies so this means that their relationship can develop. Each of them are adventurous and intelligent so they will sustain their own personalities whilst being intrinsic members of the family. Both male and female Westies get on well and their temperaments balance out, creating a thriving relationship. When you are getting two Westies as pets, the Westies should have a couple of months between them. It is better two have two Westies that are not from the same litter. By having Westies from the same litter, the older male can be friendlier to their female sibling, however, their can be other behaviour that does not make it ideal.


Whether you choose to live with one male or female Westie may depend on your lifestyle, the space that you have in your house and how you would like your family to grow. Independently, male and female Westies can be happy on their own yet it is essential that they receive an abundance of love from their owner. If you do choose to own more than one Westie then you will need to decide this prior to bringing them home. It is much better for them to be brought to the same environment simultaneously. A male and a female Westie make a great pair and this will bring lots of joy to the family.

When it comes to deciding on whether two Westies are better than one, this really is a personal decision and what is right for you and your family. In addition to choosing whether you have one or more Westies, there is a lot more to consider. There is plenty of information about what other pets Westies get on with and what they need from their owners and environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dog Westie can become a good member of the family?
The Westie dog is a cheeky, confident and affectionate dog, completely devoted to his family. She is frisky and brave and can become a good watchman and friend. Therefore, feel free to choose Westie as a new family member.

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