Why Westies Are The Worst?

Why Westies Are The Worst?

Getting a good dog that best suits your preference is essential though it may be hard to choo. Each dog comes with its needs and requirements, such as making sure they get what they need, cleaning them, training them, exercising them, etc. It may not be easy to have a dog such as a westie. Westies, also referred to as west highland west terriers, are small dogs that are strong, resilient, and adorable. These dogs are excellent watchdogs; they do not shed much and only require medium exercise. Despite all these positive traits and their cuteness, westies are one of the worst dogs you can ever encounter.

Reasons westies are the worst dogs.

1. They have dynamic personalities.

Most terrier dog species share common traits with the westies. They have been described as intelligent, impulsive, stubborn, lively, scrappy, fast to bark and bark, persistent, and exhibit other traits. In the terrier category, they are average in having dynamic personalities, but other westies have higher temperaments than others. If you consider getting this dog, you need to be ready to handle its vast character. This can be unpleasant for others, but this sits right with them for some. It is hard to keep a westie, mainly if you are a busy person with many obligations.

2. They are very protective.

For people with young babies who are considering getting a westie, this may not be a good decision for they can interact well with children. For younger babies, they display some seriousness and attitude. Westies might retaliate to annoying habits they see in the child or teasing, such as their uncoordinated movement, their walking on paws, or they’re pulling their years. They are also protective of their food or toys, and if the child messes with their things, they may tend to act up. Due to this, you will often feel insecure if you leave your child alone with a westie. It is advisable to wait till your child grows older to get a westie.

3. They can be slightly aggressive.

An aggressive dog is known for growling, biting, barking, snarling, and snapping. As for westies, they are not that aggressive compared to other dogs since they interact well with other pets, for instance, cats. Westies only get along with other animals if they are familiar with them; if not, they will tend to act aggressively towards them and run after them. When planning to take your westie for a walk, it is advisable to have them on a leash. Like any other dogs, westies are not born with aggression, but they tend to display this when trying to assert dominance; they are intelligent and full of themselves, which they do not mind showing. They can try to challenge their owner’s authority by biting them.

A westies aggression can stem from the following reasons:

  • Being scared; for example, in situations they feel their territory is being evaded, like when you pull its ears.
  • They might be ill.
  • Excitement about something or when they are being playful
  • They may be feeling some pain
  • Westies tend to be aggressive when guarding their territory.
  • Their predatory intuition
  • Westies tend to be aggressive when protecting their young ones.
  • When safeguarding resources, they tend to be aggressive.

4. They go through several health problems with age.

When considering getting a westie, one should be ready to put up with many health problems it experiences as it grows older. They may face skin issues, joint pains, cataracts, eye diseases, urinary problems, endocrine system disease, neurological issues, and liver disease. A few health issues they encounter are inherited, and it is not much you can do to help as the owner. However, you can prevent other health problems by taking care of them well; thus, when getting a westie as a family dog, get to know everything about looking after them.

5. They are hard to train.

These dogs are lively and energetic, and they display traits of a high-spirited and independent rat hunter terrier specie. Westies do not need to be given a lot of attention like other dogs, and they tend to run after any moving creature or thing, which makes them incredible hunters. These characteristics make training hard since they have a low concentration span. It is vital to show them that you are in control right from the start to avoid having trouble trying to command them. The dog’s self-reliance and size also pose a challenge when training them. Since they are small, potty teaching them is complex since they can get many hideouts in the house to help themselves. You may find yourself tolerant of them because of their size, making training more difficult.

6. They bark a lot

Having a noisy dog can be an issue, significantly when it disrupts your neighbor's peace by too much. When it comes to westie, this can be a problem though you can prevent it. Westies are quick to respond when they hear the slightest sound or get to encounter something new. Due to this, you need to develop a way to limit the barking effectively as it happens. Since they are challenging to teach and train, managing their barking may be a problem.

7. They grow independently

When looking for a dog, everyone goes for the one responsive to authority and follows commands. Having a dog who recognizes your leadership is excellent as it makes you have a fantastic relationship with them. When it comes to westies, they always want to show they are the ones in command; this also applies to other pets and animals. It is advisable to deal with this issue when they are young because failure to do so will make this an even more complicated issue when they are grown. These dogs are always trying to prove they are smatter than you, making them hard to control.

8. They may be challenging to groom.

Westies are lovely dogs due to their fur, and maintaining their beautiful look can be a challenge since they need to be appropriately groomed, and you require to do it regularly because giving them baths only is not enough. To stop matting, you are required to brush and comb them frequently. Since they are dogs that like to play, you need to keep away materials that are prone to stick to their fur. The good thing with them is that they shed less than other dogs.

In conclusion: Are Westies really the worst?

Westies are adorable dogs who are primarily cast in the spotlight most times due to how cute they are. Their beauty comes with a backside since they can be one of the worst dogs you can come across. Therefore, it is essential to look at their benefits and disadvantages and weigh them before getting one. With westies, you need to be ready to face trouble keeping them in check, but you can alternatively opt to get a trainer to make it easy. How your westie behaves depends entirely on you, and they can be great if you get the hang of how to handle them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Westie really a bad dog?
Of course not, this is a charming and loyal dog that can become a good friend to you. But like everyone else, she has her flaws.

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