Full Guide: The Top 5 Haircuts For Westies With Pictures

Full Guide: The Top 5 Haircuts For Westies With Pictures

If you call yourself a fur parent, then you can totally understand the things that you have to do in order to take care of your fur baby.

Making your pet as pretty, cute, and good-looking as possible is one of these priorities. This is because we take satisfaction in seeing our pets become cleaner and more appealing, which is especially important when meeting friends, guests, and even strangers. We would go to any length to ensure that our pet had the best possible care.

Aside from providing nutritious foods, snacks, cute attire and accessories, vitamins and vaccines, frequent check-ups, and other responsibilities, grooming or giving our pets haircuts is a requirement!

However, we have a tendency to overthink and stress ourselves about what would be the ideal haircut for them, particularly for West Highland White Terriers, or Westies, as they are commonly known.

Westies have two coats to protect them from the cold, especially when hunting in the Scottish Highlands. The undercoat is extremely soft and dense, providing great weather protection, while the outside coat is coarser to the touch, straight, and usually roughly two inches long. Because Westies' short fur rarely mats, it's critical to groom your Westie on a regular basis to avoid matting.

Matting occurs when dead fur and skin cells do not come out on their own, so you have to brush your pet on a frequent basis. A bright, lustrous coat is a sign of a healthy pet, which you would like your Westie to look like.

If you're a Westie owner who's worried about what kind of haircut to give your pet, then this article is for you!

Below, We've Listed Some Of The Best Haircuts That Your Westies Could Ever Have. _

1. The Westie Cut

From the name itself, this type of haircut is specifically made to make your pet look dashing and, of course, gorgeous.

The undercoat is removed with a stripping knife or comb, and the hair on the back and shoulders is cut with scissors and integrated into the longer fur on the stomach and legs. The face is rounded, and the remainder of the coat is cut to follow your dog's natural lines.

The fur on the legs, body, and stomach is clipped to a balanced length for this haircut. It should not, however, be long enough to make frequent cleaning difficult.

In the meantime, the hair on the back and shoulders will be cut short. To keep the head fluffy and spherical, only minor trimming is required. Furthermore, the fur did not need to be brushed by hand.

As the name implies, this is a popular haircut style. This cut is similar to the show cut, but it's a touch shorter and easier to maintain—though it's also acceptable for professional showing by the American Kennel Club. Overall, it has the same appearance as a show-dog cut without the rigorous requirements.

2. The Show-Dog Westie Cut

This style is designed to show off your Westie at competitive dog shows. That means your Westie's haircut must adhere to the strict parameters established by the show.

However, before getting this haircut, you always have to check the specific regulations of the show your Westie is competing in.

The coat should be around 2 inches long but a little shorter around the neck, according to the AKC breed standard.

With this cut, the style of the head truly shines out, as it's hand-stripped to give it a rounded appearance, even though the coat itself should be rigid and straight. This is a high-maintenance cut that requires a lot of extra attention and grooming.

The American Kennel Club recommends one of the most popular show-dog Westie trims. This haircut necessitates the removal of all loose hair beneath a covering of fur.

3. The Puppy Cut

This is a style that is acceptable for any Westie.

The length of the coat varies between 1 and 1.5 inches. This makes it simple to groom on a regular basis without the use of complicated techniques. This is done to keep the dog cool and free of knots and mats. Furthermore, by removing the fur around your pet's lips, you can minimize the discoloration that super-white canines are prone to.

You can always experiment with this cut by leaving the fur around the face longer, growing out the body, and letting the whiskers fly.

Your Westie can play without worrying about dirty fur or undesirable debris thanks to the puppy cut.

4. The Summer Cut

Is your pet feeling uncomfortable because of the scorching heat of summer?_ This type of haircut may be the best option for your Westie.

This style is low-maintenance and popular during the summer as it keeps the dog looking neat but requires almost no time to groom. In this type of haircut, the fur is clipped to a length of 0.25 to 0.5 inches all around. In this design, there isn't much trimming required on the face.

A summer cut is considered popular because it is a short cut that will keep your dog cool and comfortable during the warmer months.

The coat is trimmed to between 1/4 and 1/2 inches long on the body, legs, feet, and chest. The face can be trimmed less, depending on your preference.

5. The Natural Cut

With proper brushing, you will love your Westie just the way it is and appreciate its natural hair growth!

When it comes to preventing mats and tangles, brushing their coat is essential, especially in their delicate undercoat. Keep them brushed every day, and keep the hair around their eyes trimmed so that it will look pretty clean.

This is the easiest cut to maintain at home because all you have to do is keep the coat brushed properly.

With this type of hairstyle, you will have no trouble bringing your pet to grooming stations and deciding what type of haircut suits them well. This saves you time, effort, and money. Plus, this will bring out the best version of your pet since it's a natural looking style.

As A Westie Owner, No Matter What Type Of Haircut You Want Your Pet To Have, It Is Essential That You Always Go For The Right Look That Suits Them Well In Order To Make Them The Most Adorable Fur Baby Ever!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need Westie cuts?
Grooming your pet prevents parasites from entering the coat. And also a haircut prevents the formation of wool felt, which makes it difficult for the dog to breathe. Therefore, this is a very important procedure.

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