Afghan Hound And Westie

Afghan Hound And Westie

The Afghan Hound and the West Highland White Terrier are two very different breeds of dogs. Despite their differences, however, these two breeds are often linked to one another when out on walks. The Afghan Hound is a tall, graceful breed that is characterized by its long fur, while the Westie is short-haired with an almost bear-like face.

However, the most recognizable difference between these two breeds of dog could be their size. Most Afghans are fairly large in stature while most Westies remain fairly small no matter what size they may be otherwise. This can make it difficult to identify which breed a dog is simply based on looks alone.

These two breeds are up for comparison and we would like to know which dog breed is better. We will also answer some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to these two breeds, so you will know everything there is to know about these two breeds. If you are looking for a new dog, we think that one of these two dogs would be a good choice.

Finally, neither the Afghan Hound nor the Westie is for everyone. Each breed has its distinct personality and traits that make them both unique in their way but ultimately make it difficult to find out which dog is better for your family. This article will explore several of their differences and help you figure out which dog would best fit in with your needs and expectations from a dog companion.

Which Dog Breed Is Better, And Why?

Afghan Hound Vs. Westies: Activities

Our first thing to compare between these breeds is activities. If you look at the activities of both dogs inside and outside the house, Afgan Hounds take the win. They are very active dogs and love to play, especially with their owners. Their agile bodies make them great for running around, and they love to play catch with their owners.

Westies on the other hand are more laid back and calm, so they can easily be left alone for long periods without feeling neglected. They are great for families that want a dog that is not hyperactive and enjoys quiet times together as much as socializing.

Afghan Hound Vs. Westie: Domination

This result is probably the astounding one we see when we compare both breeds. Looks like the Afghan Hounds' big size is not a problem for our little furry friends as Westies take the win. Westies are found to be more dominant over both other dogs as well as in the family. This is the main reason why it is important to keep them away from smaller dogs and children.

Westies simply do not tolerate any kind of action they do not like, and will often be aggressive if not properly trained. This is an important factor to take into consideration because if you have small children in the family, this dog might be right for you.

While Westies can be great family dogs, they are not for every household or family member. While this dog does well around children, it may still get aggressive and growl or even bite at some point in time. With proper training and socialization, this dog will become a wonderful member of your family.

Afghan Hound Vs. Westies: Discipline

As mentioned above if the Westies aren't well disciplined they won't be a good dog breed to adopt. In contrast, Afghan Hounds are more disciplined when it comes to their training, but they are still not as disciplined as Westies. This is because of their high-energy and active nature. Afghan Hounds just want to play all the time and love being around people, so a good trainer will be able to handle them properly.

Unfortunately, this isn't always the case when it comes to Westies, which can lead to fights and dominance in the house. For this reason, alone Westies owners need to make sure that their dogs are trained properly for better behavior. Otherwise, it might end up causing problems in the long run.

Afghan Hound Vs. Westies: Sufferance To Children

We give this one to the Westies. As you read above, this breed is great for families that have children. However, if you have Westies without any proper training and discipline, it might not be a good idea to get this dog. This is because it will put the children in danger with its hyperactive nature and strong will to dominate others around them.

Afghan Hound Vs. Westie: Sociability

This is where it might sound contradicting. Even though we gave the discipline part to Afghan hounds, when it comes to sociability, Westies come out on top. Even though Westies are usually very social with other dogs, especially other Westies, they still get along great with children.

Even though they will not be the best dog breed to have around small kids, they are still a better choice than an Afghan Hound. The reasons why we say this is because of their size and lack of sociability. This can cause issues if you have small children in your home.

Can Westie And Afghan Hound Live Together?

Yes, they can, which is a great thing. However, due to the size of the Westie and the Afghan hound, you may have issues with your Westie when it goes on walks or when you are at home.

Owners of both have said that these dog breeds are compatible with a little bit of nudge or through time. If you train your dog properly and raise it with love and care it will be the best canine companion for you.


We have given this contest to Westies. Despite their not-so-convincing personalities, they are much better than Afghans in terms of sociability and discipline. For this reason alone, Westies are one of the best dogs for families with children.

However, if you want a dog that is truly easy to handle, has minimal behavioral issues, and has a calm demeanor without too much energy, then get an Afghan Hound. All in all, we feel it is clear as to which dog breed is better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which dog is more calm and phlegmatic: Afghan Hound or Westie?
If you choose a quieter dog for a quiet life, then choose the Afghan Hound better. This breed has a calmer disposition and less active energy.

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